On-Site Drapery Cleaning

Extend the life of your draperies

Vogue Swift is one of the few dry cleaners in the Mid Ohio Valley
who do drapery cleaning and pressing. Whether your drapes are
pleated or flat, cleaning and pressing of your drapery is all done
at our location. Using our Adjust-A-Drapeā„¢ drapery press, Vogue
Swift gives your drapes the family touch when it comes to cleaning
and pressing of your valued drapery.

After the drapes are cleaned, Jenny Fenton, a previous owner and
current board member of Vogue Swift, meticulously manages every
drapery order herself using the same pressing and steaming
methodology that she learned from her father many decades ago.

Whether you find yourself spring cleaning, moving, or prepping for
house guests, let Vogue Swift help give your home the extra clean
touch of drapery cleaning. Our family is happy to help yours feel
first class at home.

NOTE: Vogue Swift will only clean old-fashioned
rubber-backed drapery if the customer signs a disclaimer as the
rubber backing degrades and discolors over time and typically
will not result in a satisfactory cleaning. Careful inspection
is done previous to cleaning to ensure drapes will withstand the
cleaning process.