Complete Household Laundry Service

Focus on your business, not your laundry

The entire purpose of the Wash & Fold business is to provide an
important service to our busy customers on the go. For instance,
many of our customers in the oil and gas business appreciate that
they can drop off their greasy, grimy clothes in the morning and
pick them up at the end of the day. In fact, since our Laundromat
is open until 10:00PM at night, Wash & Fold customers can even
drop off their clothes with a Vogue Swift employee inside the
Laundromat late in the evening and have their clothes washed,
dried, folded and fresh when they stop by at the end of the next

From oily work bibs to delicate lingerie, we do it all at Vogue

Fancy a certain detergent? We’re more than happy to let you
supply your own. Fabric softener may also be included
upon request.

All clothes are returned to you in clean plastic bags or in any
laundry container you provide.

Same day service is standard. No rush fee! Service is priced by the lb.

Folded Laundry in Laundry Basket