Perfectly Pressed Dress Shirts

Starched & delivered to your preference

Our shirt laundry service begins with an inspection process that
consists of checking all pockets for paper, pens, candy, etc.
Damaged buttons are replaced at no additional charge.

Shirts are cleaned with a high intensity detergent,
however in special cases, we may use other agents depending on
the condition of the laundry or customer request.

Unlike many dry cleaners, when shirts come off of our NT1 Unipress
multi-system shirt unit, we then send the shirts to a secondary
line where they are individually inspected and a final hand touch
up is done to assure that any wrinkle or blemish is eliminated.
Whether you prefer No Starch, Light Starch, Medium Starch or Heavy
Starch, your shirt will be delivered to you just the way you
requested it.

We offer same-day service for no additional charge If you check
in your order before 10:00am we an generally get it back to you
by 2:00pm.

We’ll return your shirts on hangers or folded & boxed
individually if requested.

Shirts on Hangers
Shirts on Hangers
Pressed on state-of-the-art equipment