7-Point Inspection

Vogue Swift employs a 7-point inspection process that assures that your dry cleaning order will be done on time and meets the highest quality standards in the industry.

  1. Drop Off

    Your clothes are quickly inspected at intake and any special
    instructions are noted on your ticket.

  2. Check In

    Once you order is in the system, each item goes through a
    detailed inspection looking for stains, damage, and/or missing
    or broken buttons.

  3. Sorting Station

    Once your order is inspected, it is sorted into “lights and
    darks” and it is indicated if items get starch or no starch.

  4. Pre-Press

    After your order has been cleaned, it is inspected again
    prior to pressing.

  5. Pressing

    While being pressed, each item is once again inspected.

  6. Final Inspection

    Once put on hangers, the order goes through a final, detailed
    inspection making sure that the order is complete.

  7. Assembly & Delivery

    Since many orders consist of multiple items, the final step
    is assembling all items associated with an order and bagging
    them for customer pick-up.

Unlike some dry cleaners, ALL of the standard dry cleaning orders at Vogue Swift are completed right here on the premises. The only exceptions to this are the specialty services that include leather, suede and furs. Tux Rentals are also handled outside but other than these exclusions, you can be assured that every order that is dropped off at Vogue Swift is cleaned here.

Dry Cleaning Photo

A Family Business

Dry Cleaning Photo

Brothers Adam and Andy Fenton are third generation owners of the company. As such, both brothers were literally raised in the business and have a deep understanding of the business, the industry and the importance of customer service and satisfaction.

Adam Fenton brings 20 years of experience to the company and oversees the dry cleaning operation. Younger brother Andy handles the business and marketing side of the company.

Vogue Swift is the definition of a family business. Typically both brothers are on site so if there is ever a question or a concern, there is no need to “kick it upstairs” to management. They are right there to answer your questions.

We Cater to You

Need an order expedited from time to time? Vogue Swift can do that (at no additional charge). Just request it from the friendly associate at the front counter.

Have that special item (even wedding dresses) that needs added attention? No problem. Vogue Swift will give it the care it deserves and requires and will do the cleaning, pressing, and boxing right on site.

Dry Cleaning Photo