Save Time with Our Delivery Service

We’ll pick it up and deliver it to your location

Our delivery customers enjoy the benefit of running one less errand at
the end of the day. We designate specific days of the week our
delivery truck will come to the customer’s location. Upon arrival,
the driver will pick up laundry bags ready for cleaning, and drop off
finished orders.

Another benefit is issuing monthly statements for
payment of our service. This ensures that we will not interrupt our
customer’s day by having them worry about paying at the time of each
delivery. Typically the establishment we are delivering to will have a
designated area. Locations ideal for this would be a sizable closet
and/or break room; preferably with a back entrance. The idea is to
keep this service behind closed doors away from your customers.

specific directions need to be given such as attention to detail on a
stain, all the customer needs to do is simply write those instructions
for our staff members and include it in the laundry bag. Our staff
will immediately see the note, and handle the order as directed.

NOTE: Specialty items such as wedding gowns and leather coats must be
handled through our main facility. These items are much more
labor-intensive and always require special care.

We are conveniently located in downtown Marietta and always willing to
help. Striving to provide the best customer care, “we find that our
service is so good; you’ll think you took us to the cleaners.”

Delivery Photo
Delivery Photo