About Our Alterations Services

Over 30 years of experience

The Alterations & Repairs department was set up almost as a fluke by
founder Mahlon Fauss. He really had no intention to handle alterations
and repairs but when customers asked him to replace a button or to
patch an old pair of dungarees, the department created itself.

Today, with home economics classes being eliminated from schools and
fewer people even knowing how to operate a sewing machine, we see our
alternations & repairs department growing all the time. In fact, the
tailors in our department have over 30 years of combined experience.
We do everything from replacing a button to fully tailoring a new suit
or dress including hems, zippers, etc.

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Alteration Services

Making your clothes fit perfectly

Alterations Photo
  • Lengthen/shorten sleeves & hems
  • Lengthen/shorten cuffs
  • Mend coat & jacket linings
  • Size alterations (taking in & letting out waists)
  • Repair torn or detached seams
  • Taper pants
  • Zipper repair/replacement
  • Button replacement
  • Misc. tears and holes
  • Apply patches
  • Pocket stitching
Alterations Photo