Everyday Services

Everyday Services

Dry Cleaning

In spite of the name, dry cleaning is not completely dry. Fluids are used in the drycleaning process. In the early days, garment scourers and dryers found several fluids that could be used as drycleaning solvents, including camphene, benzene, kerosene, and gasoline. These fluids are all dangerously flammable, so dry cleaning was a hazardous business until safer solvents were developed.

In the 1930s, percholoroethylene or *perc*(a nonflammable, synthetic solvent) was introduced and is used today in many drycleaning plants. Other cleaning solvents have been added, and still others are currently being tested.

Dry Cleaning is not the answer to all soil and stain removal problems. Sometimes stains become permanently embedded in the fiber, or fabrics cannot withstand normal cleaning and stain removal procedures, or decorative trim is not compatible with drycleaning solvent. It is important that consumers as well as drycleaners read all care labels and follow the instructions.

Wash N’ Fold

This is a very simple service our customers love. You bring in as much dirty laundry as you can and we will wash, dry, and fold it. This service will be done within four hours and ready for you to pick up the same day. We charge $1.25 per pound and if you would like for us to deliver it back to you, the cost is $1.75 per pound. Once you’ve tried our Wash N’ Fold service you’ll be back for more. Free up your day and let us do the dirty work!

Coin Operated Laundromat

Our coin operated Laundromat is fully equipped with sixty-seven washers and forty dryers. Our popular brands include Maytag, Neptune, Wascomat, and Speedqueen. We have attendants on duty to help you. While you’re waiting on your laundry, you can relax in our lounge. Enjoy a game of Foosball, play your favorite music from the jukebox, and grab a snack from our newest vending machines compliments of Laughlin Vending Company. Also, we provide free Wi-Fi and cable TV. Laundry has to be done, but it does not have to be painful. Come to Vogue Swift Laundromat and wash your worries away.

Delivery Service

Would you like to never worry about dry cleaning or laundry ever again? We’ll pick it up at your house or place of business and bring it back to you the same day! Our delivery truck runs Monday through Friday. We also offer delivery on weekends for formal occasions by appointment.