Environment Friendly

Keeping your clothes clean and the environment safe.

At Vogue Swift we care about our clients and the environment, and we
are determined to do our part for you, our community, and the earth we
share. That’s why we use System K4, an environmentally-friendly
cleaning technology
that is not only absolutely safe for the air,
water, soil, and humans
; but also cleans better than traditional
solutions and other green solvents on the market today.

Dry cleaning hasn’t traditionally been considered a “green” business,
but today by using System K4 we operate a non-toxic, non-hazardous,
biodegradable dry cleaning plant
. Because of System K4’s superior
performance and non-hazardous nature, we anticipate our new system
will result in savings of about 75% for both energy and waste. This
means that we’re able to protect the environment and deliver better
quality than ever without an increase in price to you.

System K4
This new System K4 machine was installed in May of 2018 and employs
the latest state-of-the-art technology that is environmentally
friendly and does not harm the air, soil, water or, most of all,
people. Vogue Swift is proud to use this equipment knowing that it
is safe for everybody including our employees and our customers.

History of Progression

The evolution of our dry cleaning machines

From the old transfer machine used decades ago to the “perc” machine
used at our current location until May of 2018 to the new
state-of-the-art SystemK4 machine, Vogue Swift has always aspired to
use the best dry cleaning equipment available. our new SystemK4 machine
is not only ecologically friendly; it is the finest dry cleaning
equipment available in the industry today.

Old Transfer Machine
The original transfer machines used at the Frontier Plaza location.
Old Transfer Machine
The “perc” dry cleaning machine used at the current location until
May of 2018.
The System K4 machine used today.